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... And The Whippoorwill Sang

This lively story opens with eloping

teenagers, Micki and Butch, in a bizarre

double ceremony with Micki’s mother.

The couple share wonderfully comical

escapades spanning decades, until tragedy

strikes. There has been a terrible accident in

a placid valley nestled in the Susquehanna

Mountains in the town of Williamsport,

Pennsylvania. It occurs just blocks from the

family’s hundred year old haunted farmhouse, on a country lane.  Micki narrates happier days, using their delightful past to confront an uncertain future—as the family copes with fear and apprehension. One of her six children is fighting for life in the hospital; in a semi-coma, hovering between this world and the next. The family embarks upon its unbearable journey to the other side of grief and grasps the poignant gift of life as they begin …

            To Weep

              To Laugh

                To Grieve

                  To Dance…       

                         . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang.

For those of you who could never imagine having to say good-bye to a special loved one, especially a precious young child, take the time to read And the Whippoorwill Sang.  Prepare yourself to laugh hysterically one moment, to yourself or even out-loud, and then sink into your seat with consolation as you embark upon a twenty-two year journey through the lives of Micki and Butch, as seen through Micki’s eyes.


The author, Micki Peluso, has a true gift for storytelling. It is genuinely difficult to set the book down once you begin to identify with its characters; you wish to read on and on. It was a rocky beginning for the couple, as we become onlookers into their personal lives just entering into adulthood, but you are soon to identify that this precious couple were blessed with the instincts of survival.


There are two journals intertwined within the pages of . . .And the Whippoorwill Sang; one that spans two decades of the couple’s trials and triumphs clearly chronicled by historic date, and another that spans a shorter, ten-day journey that, had you personally been there, and you feel you are as you read on, would seem to last an eternity.


I encourage you to get your copy and find a quiet place to absorb Micki’s personal true-life memories, the memories which urge us to Weep, to Laugh, to Grieve, to Dance.


John M. Evans

National Victim Services Training Manager

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - MADD

511 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 700

Irving, Texas 75062

469-420-4564   Direct Line

877-MADD-HELP   Victim/Survivor Helpline

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