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Our Authors


Alexey, flew for a CIA secret airline in Laos, chased elephant poachers in Kenya, led horseback tours into the Chilean Andes. The explosive pages of his novel, "Kingmaker" reveal not only a vivid imagination, but the experience gathered in a thriller life.

  Erin grew up in an atmosphere of love for good books and excellent writing. Inspired by her parents, Erin discovered her own passion for the written word.
  A native Texan, she and her husband live just east of Dallas, where she was born and raised.
"ShadowWalk: The Gathering" 

Stacie Coller has a BA in psychology and is a trainer, writer, artist, Reiki Master, and certified hypnotherapist. She is internationally known through her online business, and learning groups, and has facilitated workshops within the US; including the Center for Human Consciousness Studies at UNLV. She lives a peaceful life on a mountain near Asheville, NC.   

"Awake In Angelscape" 

hair up in office.jpg

 Linda believes that dreams can come true. "Mine sure have--seven wonderful children, thirteen amazing grandchildren, a rewarding career in writing, and helping others see their words in print through Artistic Endeavors Publishing."

"Virtuous Dove"

 "Rebel Dove"

"Doves Migration",

"Soiled Doves", and 

"Sea of Lies".


Pat has a Masters in Music and sang in opera houses in the US and Europe. Leaving the world of opera, she decided to teach music in Chicago where she taught emotionally challenged children before transferring to the public school system in the inner city. Upon retiring, she transferred her skills from the performance arena to the computer where she creates her own stories.

"In the Arms of the Enemy

My very own Superhero and I make our home in Northeast GA twenty-six years ago in NE Georgia with our daughter, and a sixty-five-pound ferocious puppy. My son, daughter-in-law, and our two “Little Sirs” live about forty-five minutes away, and within thirty-minutes of my mother and three of my five siblings. When I’m not writing or playing with my Little Sirs, you’ll no doubt find me with some sort of needle and thread in my hands.
"Kate's House"


Jane Ellen, grew up in the country. After a wonderful childhood, 7 years of college, and 12 years as owner of her own business, she purchased a 10 acre farm in her homestate of MI.Several years later, after a dear friend suggested she share some of the interesting and fun experiencing while on the farm, she began a new career in writing. "

"Room For One More",

"The Spirit Within"

John Henkels

John is a civil engineer by day and a family man all the time. It took great tragedy for John to discover his passion for writing. “Samuel’s Mission” delivered not only healing, but brought forth the awareness of the extravagant love that has blessed his life. The father of three sons and for nearly thirty-years, the adoring husband of a woman with a 1000-watt smile, great character, intelligence and a passion for fun.   Start reading "Samuel's Mission: A Family's Return to Joy."

Bones MacDowell thrills in the excitement of a child’s face when they involve themselves in a story. From his past as a U.S. Federal Officer, and then attorney, Bones MacDowell draws upon life experiences to have children question and ponder what they read in his unconventional style. Is it any wonder that his released book,  The Schnitzelgroobers, The Mugwumpers, The Big Living House, and Grandma's Killing Christmas touches the hearts of children with wonderment?

CJ lives with her husband of thirty-two years in New Orleans. She has served as Secretary and President of  SOLA, the New Orleans chapter of RWA.

Her life moto? Anything can happen where disbelief fears to tread.

"Fugue Macabre, Ghost Dance", "Fugue Macabre, Bone Dance"

Micki Peluso, author of  

"...And the Whippoorwill Sang", penned a story, part memoir, part Americana for one purpose. She made a 
promise to her stricken child.   From the beaches of Long Island, NY to the glitter of Las Vegas, NV--the majestic PA Susquehanna Mountains, to Staten Island, NY, her stories traveled with her. Micki writes fiction and non-fiction often based upon her family life. Her greatest achievement in life is her children and grandchildren. 

Just ask them!

Following WWII, Eloy, a hot dusty "Cotton Boom Town” in South Central Arizona lived up to its Spanish translation, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" During the 40's where deputies were killed, crippled or scared off the job except for one, A.V. Queen.Know today by some as an urban legend  "ELOY" 

  Don, the youngest son of Pearl and A.V. Queen, as a tribute to his beloved Dad,  has taken on the task of republishing his father's book from the 1950's. In this edition are original crime photographs, newspaper articles, notes that were kept by A.V. in his trusty notebook. Relying on the childhood memories of an impressionable young boy who idolized his dad, Eloy's history comes alive. "ELOY" 

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