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Awake in Angelscape

What a vividly helpful book Ms. Coller has written! For those of us who stumble to find an image in our brain for meditation or any other visual exercise taken on for healing, self help or stress relief, her images have made it quite easy to pick up and "see" the images and the exercises in a very real way. Each exercise has been hand crafted to walk the reader through an intimate personal journey process. Whether you are looking to heal from life experiences, or are attempting to get more in-tune with your inner soul or spiritual guidance, this is the book for you. 

Heather Wallig Rice



This book gives a wonderful assortment of healing meditations and tools for those looking to find more than just physical healing. The exercises are thorough and the visualization techniques are exceptional. I have recommended this book to many folks. Even if you just did the cleansing exercise or inner child exercise, the book would have paid for itself. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made!

Amazon Customer

It heightened my emotions, helped me connect to a more spiritual side of myself, and I felt like I came out more whole. I was so relaxed during the meditations that I found myself excited to have the next experience...

A Beautiful Journey.

Martha C.


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