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Sheryl Hames Torres


Sheryl Hames Torres started making up stories as a girl to keep her five younger siblings entertained. She started writing them down to keep the voices in her head from having her committed. Vibrant settings and dashing heroes soon turned into real life when her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she met and married her very own Prince Charming and learned that sometimes reality is the fairytale.


Now, after nearly thirty-three years, she and Mark have reared two wonderful children: a daughter, who will graduate next spring with her third degree in English, Writing and Publishing and Art/Graphic Design, and the son-of-many-talents, a musician and self-taught composer, dancer and automotive marvel. With a house filled with music and beautiful creations, lots of shedding fur from a ferociously friendly dog and a temperamental cat who thinks HE rules the roost, Sher lives out her fairytale every day.


The Torres' make their home in Northeast Georgia within a half hour of her parents and three of those five siblings, where she divides her time between her family and friends, writing, and restoring antique needlework.

And daydreaming...

Pamela Reese

5.0 out of 5 stars Fall in Love with "Kate's House"

Katherine has suffered through a difficult marriage with a demanding and unattentive husband for years. When she learns of his long-time infidelity and quickly divorces him, gets enough money to begin a new life, and takes sole custody of their three precocious children determined to give them all a new life.

Her search leads to a seemingly magical old Queen Anne in the middle of a farm. This could be exactly what they all need...a place for her kids to be kids. A place for her to heal and start over. The house seems to need her too. What she doesn't expect is for the place to come with its own live-in handyman. A man with dark losses and secrets of his own, Ian Stuart reluctantly opens his house...and his Kate and her children. But secrets are sometimes not meant to stay hidden, and there are forces at work in Kate's new home that could destroy them all.

"Kate's House" is a charming paranormal romance with a heroine who is as strong as she is vulnerable, a magical setting, an intriguing backstory that the gifted author slowly reveals, and a hero worth falling for. Fall in love with "Kate's Hou


Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book

In Kate's House, Katherine Jensen, is a wife and the mother of three. Finding out about her unfaithful spouse, she totally re-arranges her life and that of her children. In looking for a new home, they find a house with lots of space and meet Ian Stuart the handyman. With Kate and the children settling in, Ian had not planned to be a part of Kate's and her children's life. Over time though, he draws closer and closer to them all. But he has secrets that he won't talk about.
And now Kate's ex-husband William is also showing up as well.
There is a lot of different emotions in this book. It will draw you in.
The supernatural aspect is a great touch.

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ISBN: 9798807052957

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ISBN 13: 979-8390140574
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