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Prairie Elephant

Nearly three decades ago while attending a family reunion, my life took on a new direction upon receiving a thirty-page chronicle. The pages within, detailed how family members traveled 1860 miles from Missouri to Oregon in 1861 just as the War between the States was about to commence.

In awe and inspired by the amazing events they encountered as described in the journal, I created the completely fictional McLeod family and wrote “Prairie Elephant”. It was essential out of admiration and respect for what they had encountered and endured on such an arduous journey that their experiences mirrored the original account.

You are invited to follow the fictional characters of  “Prairie Elephant”  on their amazing journey, traveling by wagon train across the often-hostile lands of what is known today as the heartland of America as they experience new cultures, and myths while being forced to dig deep within for inner strength and grit to survive the harshest of conditions created by man and the elements. 

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