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Doves Migration

Book 3

from the Doves Collect series 


A spell-binding tale of Post Civil War and the tribulations 

that a ravaged nation faces. One might think the nation had seen enough blood shed. Unfortunately, the death of an innocent man and the attempt of a cover up spiral out of control, and the lives of nearly everyone in the Honeycut, Carmidy and Myles families are effected.
    After a storybook ending to their turbulent courtship, Joshua and Elise depart New York for their honeymoon in England, leaving Miranda to ponder if she will ever find love, or worse, if she is even capable of love.
   Coming to terms with the demons of her past, Miranda discovers she is more like her father, Lucas Brown, than she had ever dreamt possible. Thrust into the middle of a sinister plot, Miranda must choose between the love of a working man or the life of wealth and privilege.

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A short note from the author

                                  Linda Daly



Writing the Doves Collect series has been a labor of love. My mission has been to create storylines and characters that promises to touch the heart and imagination with its rich tapestry of layers, colors, textures, and emotions. My sincere hope is you will enjoy reading the Doves Collect series as much I have enjoyed writing this unique series.Look for book five, Doves Flight scheduled to be released in 2015.

Read an Excerpt of Doves Migration

.. Their trials and tribulations place the reader right in the thick of things as they become emotionally attached to each and every one.  They felt remarkably like story to end.  Well crafted with a vividly depicted sense of time and place allows the reader to become a part of the story.  

Linda Daly has penned an exciting romantic adventure that stands alone.  Her storytelling talents shine through on every page.
Lettetia Elsasser
Affaire de Coeur
4 Stars


After the end of the War Between the States, the Honeycutt and the Carmidy families traveled to New York. The battles of the war may be over but the battles of the heart have just begun. Conflicts, deception, lust, and desires surge their way through the families and friends. . .

The author has created several characters that the reader will absolutely love to hate. Ms. Daly leads you into a world laden with friction and tension, a unique and compelling tale that takes the 
reader on a most unusual ride.

Pamela Ackerson
4 Stars


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