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Fugue Macabre, Bone Dance

An excerpt from
Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance

ISBN13 978-1475284034

Welcome to your swamp tour. Gators are not what you should fear.

Deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana hidden in the mists that wind around the cypress trees that grown there, a secret hides. As old as time itself, the people of the 
Clan Moran have lived, loved and thrived far away from the eyes of a mortal world who wouldn’t understand them, and worse, would destroy them.

Tired of having to hide away from the rest of the world, Bobbie Luckman left her home as a young woman. Knowing her place in the clan was more or less ornamental since her 
brother would rule when their father, the King Moran, passed, Bobbie chose a normal life in the city. Now years later, she has been summoned home.

Someone has murdered her father and 
brother, and as the last of the Moran 
Bloodline, her clans people expect her to 
step into her rightful place as Queen. Though 
heartbroken over the loss of her family, she 
has no time to grieve. These murders are not 
the first. 


Terrified and angry, Bobbie fears she knows who is behind and turns to her childhood sweetheart. Kangee, however, isn’t so quick to forgive or welcome her back into the fold, or to accept her as his friends, Tabitha Gray and Rhonda Meads. They are not only loyal, but they each harbor secrets of their 

The three women have already battled against the enemy of all supernatural beings, and won, but the war is far from over.

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