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Kate's House

When the concierge from their honeymoon hotel calls to confirm the reservation for a weekend getaway at the exact time flowers are delivered, Katherine is stunned. When was the last time her husband planned a surprise anything, much less remembered their wedding anniversary? She would never have predicted that ten hours later, she’d have caught her husband cheating and would be preparing to divorce him and stepping off the proverbial ledge to start a new life.

The next two whirlwind weeks kept her from feeling anything. However, after resorting to blackmail to get her husband’s signature on the divorce and child custody papers and filling her new bank accounts with money that William had been secretly squirreling away for years in various accounts he set up in her name, she spends her time waiting for him to come home from his phony business trip and discover what she’s done. After she acquires a quickie divorce, sole custody of their three children, and enough money to start a new life, a beautiful farm with a magical Queen Anne house. At last, it feels like the perfect place to teach her children to play and have fun—to be kids. Falling for the resident handyman wasn’t in the plans. Nor was dealing with his secrets---secrets that could destroy their newfound happiness.

ISBN: 9798807052957

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