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Kevin S. Fraser

Kevin Fraser was born in Toronto, Ontario. He was always interested in drawing and creating stories ever since he can remember. 


He enrolled in animation at Sheridan College in the animation program. After graduation he was offered a job at Sullivan Bluth Studios in Dublin, Ireland. He worked on a series of feature films until he returned to Toronto where he began working at Walt  Disney studios in Canada.  


He decided that he wanted to teach. He coordinated an animation program at The Toronto Film School and taught in Bloor west area to younger students. Children’s literature has always appealed to Kevin and he thought that it would be high time to move his skills into illustration and writing.


"My Best Friends Are Tools" was inspired by his young son Kyle, who loved tools, and as he grew older, music. The story went through development over the years as Kevin kept refining the characters and the story until finally it was complete. He continues to be an active person in the arts community.

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