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Book 2

from the Doves Collect series 


Set in Northern Virginia in the 1860’s this epic tale weaves the lives and times of a spirited, Southern Spy who believes she is just in aiding the "cause", despite her attraction to a Union major that suspects her of espionage.


Rebel Dove, is more than a title; it is a symbolic depiction of the most turbulent time in our nation’s history. It is particularly symbolic of the dove, soft and gentle, yet considered a symbol of nobility in many cultures. Elise Hamilton, the main character, is a spirited Southern belle who, like the dove, appears soft and gentle on the surface, but has remarkable courage and nobility as she conspires against the changes imposed upon the Southern way of life. She fights to preserve a tradition within which she was born and raised and to which she feels an unshakable loyalty. Regardless of how we may judge her from today’s standards, Elise symbolizes the grit and determination to stand up against what she feels is an intolerable suppression of the South’s sovereignty by unwelcome and arrogant strangers from the North.

Rebel Dove

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As you read, you will discover how the small community of Fairfax, Virginia, just twenty-six miles from the Union capital of Washington—must come to terms with occupation by those they consider “the enemy”. The tension for everyone is immense, especially the citizens of Fairfax, who continue their march toward secession, despite the close quarters of the Elise Hamilton, undaunted by the presence of Union soldiers, does not hesitate to use her feminine wiles to gather information to pass on to the Confederate Army. Sure of herself and the righteousness of the Plantation Economy, she vows to fight the Union Army and the Abolitionists to preserve the Southern way of life. That is, until sudden twists of fate conspire to make her see the error of her ways, and in so doing, transforms the Rebel into a Dove.  

Though it may seem that the characters are real figures plucked from the pages of history, Rebel Dove is historical fiction. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. Resemblance to any individual, past or present, is entirely coincidental. A tremendous amount of information about the workings of the Civil War has been included in the story to support the integrity and enrichment of the tale.

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A short note from the author

                                Linda Daly


Writing the Doves Collect series

has been a labor of love. My mission was to create story lines and characters that promises to touch the heart and imagination with its rich tapestry of layers, colors, textures, and emotions. My sincere hope is you will enjoy reading the Doves Collect series as much I have enjoyed writing this unique series.Look for book five, Doves Flight scheduled to be released in 2019.







Read an Excerpt of Rebel Dove

5.0 out of 5 stars ***** Thanks Linda Daly!!! 

By K. Lewis


Excellent book to read! Have already ordered rest of series and can't wait to read them! Hope there will be more.

Rebel Dove - ISBN 10 - 0979203015

. . . “This was truly an epic love story, the kind that makes the old South seem as romantic as we picture it.  Lovers of the old Southern love stories will really enjoy this novel.”
Inez Daylong

Affaire de Coeur

"Plan to add "Rebel Dove" to your collection of favorite Civil War stories. These characters, some already in your circle of acquaintances from “Virtuous Dove”, take readers to a time and place etched in our country's heritage.  

As we approach the sesquicentennial of the many events related to The Late Unpleasantness, we'll take the 
memories of these characters with us."
Juanita Hughes, Woodstock, Georgia
Author of, “But What Do I Know?” and weekly columnist for The Cherokee Tribune

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