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Room For One More

ROOM FOR ONE MORE,  is based on the adventures of actual animals that lived on a real farm. This farm was special. You see, this particular "farm lady" 

welcomed many of the animals that lived there, because they had nowhere else to go, no one wanted them.


Her motto, 'there is always room for one more,' 

made life on the farm not only interesting but always fun.


As the story unfolds, we meet Doris, a no nonsense light colored brown hen, who has taken it upon herself to keep things running smoothly on the farm. The sun is just coming up and it's another beautiful morning.  Doris is sitting on the fence enjoying the peace and quiet when all of a sudden there is a commotion out by the barn.

Ethel and Sophia, two large hens, are at it again. It seems, they are always arguing over one little thing or another. They haven't been on the farm long but they sure keep Doris on her toes. She jumps off the fence, and off she goes to settle another argument. She has a way of always making things better.

On the other side of the yard, Little Black Chicken is off on another adventure. In spite of his odd shaped little body he is a happy, good natured little chicken. He is very shy and has very few friends, or so it seems. On this particular morning, the splashing and laughter of the baby ducks playing in their pool has caught his attention. He is too small to see over the side of the pool, and, as he tries to find a way to watch the ducks, he soon realizes he is way too close to the action. UH OH! Later, he realizes that life is much more fun than he ever imagined.

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