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The Bedtime Storyteller

    With a compilation of four books under one cover, The Bedtime Storyteller is for children ages four through twelve. The first of those stories takes the reader to the sleepy coastal town of Columbia Falls, Maine, where a mysterious ghost train delivers a young boy from the past all the way to the present day. He attends the little elementary school in town, and soon makes friends with four other children, all determined to somehow get him back to his own family, all the way back to the Civil War era!

   The next story is the delightful adventure of Sara and Harris, a small Corgi and an even smaller Cairn Terrier. Sara becomes lost, but with the help of Harris he soon finds his way back to his mother.
   And then it’s back to the countryside of Maine for the adventure of a lifetime. A pair of Maine Coon Cats are suddenly taken from their loving owner and trapped inside a cold and dilapidated barn by a mean old farmer. Join all the farmyard animals as they plan a daring escape in the middle of the harshest winter anyone could ever remember.
   The forth story is about a sad and lonely princess who, after years of searching, finally finds the love she’s always longed for. It transforms her life from despair to unbridled joy. 

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The Bedtime StoryTeller

   John Elliott is a forty-four year veteran of Israel's Mossad and the CIA's Special Operations Group. For nine of those years he was assigned to Interpol in Lyon, France, as well as to a number of domestic law enforcement agencies and to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Law degree. Growing up in the Middle East, Europe and the United Kingdom, he is fluent in English, Gaelic, Hebrew and Hungarian, and can easily converse in both French and Italian.

   The author of twenty-one books, his first manuscript was penned onboard a charter flight from Thailand to Travis Air Force Base in California during the late summer of 1969. By the time he arrived back in Washington, DC, the book was complete and then published the following year. He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and has contributed his artistic endeavors to several other authors.


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