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The Cat Who Wanted a Dog

Micki Peluso

Based on a true story, this tale is narrated by Toby, a cat who lives with Grandma and Grampa and has never met a dog. His life changes when  a huge golden retriever, comes to visit. Rocky is a lovable dog and tries to make friends with Toby, who is both afraid of him and disgusted with his doggy drool. They finally become friends and then Rocky's visit is over. Toby is so sad that Grandma and Grampa take him to the doctor who suggests that the poor cat seems lonely. Toby gets an amazing present for Christmas with a big red bow and drooling nose sticking through the wrapped box. His life after that is never the same as his heart swells with happiness. But Toby is in for a big surprise!

ISBN 13: 978-1532936142

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