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The Gift 

A Journey of Acceptance




Linda Daly

In "The Gift: A Journey of Acceptance", my journey began during the fifties when as a toddler, I swallowed a lethal dose of poisonous crystals. If you asked members of my family they would explain how my life was spared through the power of prayer.

For the record, it's important to know that I’m neither a specialist, nor a scholar on the subject of angels, or life after death. I am though one who believes.  


If you saw me at the produce store or in the mall with my grandchildren  you'd know I'm just like thousands of woman who go about their daily routines in stride.  There is nothing that unusual about me that would signal that I've been fortunate enough, to experience first-hand, a few splendors from the other side.  These experiences have helped me get through dark days and embrace those joyous days I refer to as pockets of happiness.

As you read snippets from my life, in  "The Gift, A Journey of Acceptance" my sincere hope is that another might look at their lives and discover they too are being guided just as I have been. 

For nearly half thirty five years of my life, I had no idea that I was on a journey or that there was help and guidence just waiting for me to ask. That all changed though when I allowed myself to step back, open my mind, and accept guidance; suddenly, I began to view things from another perspective.  I soon discovered that certain events suddenly took on startling new interpretations. 


In every chapter of "The Gift, A Journey of Acceptance", you will have the opportunity to discover how my life was transformed by what I lovingly refer to, as little nudges, from above.  And although  I still struggle on occasion, I now find life's little hiccups, and tragedies easier to accept, when I look beyond the obvious. 


Please understand, I am not suggesting that by reading my stories, your life is suddenly going to be changed miraculously, or that your fears and pain, will disappear. Instead, what I hope is, that in today’s ever-changing world, you have the power to accept changes and in doing so, you look at your life in a new way, which will lead you to that special space, only you can find. 

Discovering that path that you are traveling is the first step. Than delighting in the opportunities that present themselves, once you are perceptive is something you will cherish.  I honestly believe we can learn to enjoy who we are, and what we can become, with faith and guidance from above. 

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