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The Master and The Fighter

 5 of 5 stars *****- AmazonImaginative Journey. Entertaining Fantasy
By Friedrich Feuerstein (North Central Texas)


Carol Montague's 'The Master and the Fighter' is an imaginative journey into a mystical, medieval-like world populated by heroines/heroes, villains and magical creatures both good and evil.

'The Master and the Fighter' is an entertaining fantasy rich with it's own culture and history. It's a book you'll find hard to put down and you'll definitely want to read it again. Montague is an imaginative storyteller with a very easy to read style which I found to be in some ways reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley. I look forward to reading more of Carol Montague's work in the coming years.

My ONLY disappointment with 'The Master and the Fighter' is that it is not a 'stand-alone' story. Honestly, it does leave you hanging just a little at the end, but still, it is ended well and feels- for lack of a better way to put it- 'natural'. As I understand it, this book is part one of a dyad and the conclusion is being written as of the writing of this review (that information is based, in part, on an authors note at the end of the book as well as some notes regarding the sequel I found on the authors website). None-the-less, 'The Master and the Fighter' is a well written fantasy and a wonderful read. I recommend it and I eagerly await the sequel. 

The union of ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ shall produce two, pure of heart...

Sisters Kaela and Kihran haven't seen each other in ten years—not since Kihran and their mother, Erona were magically abducted by the sorcerer, Melgon. When each girl receives a cryptic message in a dream, Kaela journeys to the Crystal Isle to find the Master and Kihran travels all over Delnar to gather her friends to follow the Fighter.


The Master and the Fighter—part of a prophecy that seems incomplete. Are Kaela and Kihran a part of the prophecy? What do the messages have to do with it? Follow the sisters as they find out the truth!

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