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The Ramblings of A Law-Abiding Gun Nut

Prepare for the most raucous ride of your life as the author propels you from anger to bewilderment, unbridled laughter to surprise, and from lack of empathy to pride and patriotism.


The Ramblings of a Law-Abiding Gun Nut contains oftentimes politically incorrect and irreverent writings of a Second Amendment loving, law-abiding, conservative author who is unapologetically insensitive in his views of the world turned upside-down by far left-leaning dolts who don’t have a grasp of reality, only the backbone of worms. In his work, the 

author has been shot no less than four times, stabbed on three separate occasions, run down by cars twice, blown up twice, bitten by a king cobra snake and poisoned by an eleven inch tropical centipede.


“It gives you something of an empirical outlook on life,” he says from his office complex fronted by miles of unbroken sand and the sounds of crashing waves, “and leaves you far less tolerant of idiots.”


The guns of Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi and many others are examined, as are the earliest firearms of the pirates and the frontiersmen. From the first aerial combat in flimsy biplanes to the dogfights of ultra-modern stealth fighters, from the first tanks that rumbled into action in WWI to the armadas of the first Gulf War, and from the Iron Clad ships of the Civil War to the complexities of today’s atomic super aircraft carriers, the roles that firearms play in a our society are examined in 185 chapters covering hundreds of years of history. 

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