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The Spirit Within

From the Author


Jane Ellen Harris believes that books can be a great learning tool for children. As a children's author it is important to offer books that will not only give children a great reading experience but also help them learn many of life's lessons. The Spirit Within helps the child understand about the acceptance of differences in others and not passing judgment based on the opinions of others.


He never imagined this would become his destiny.


An exciting story set in the Midwest during the 1860’s. Ben, the 13 year old son of an old prairie farmer, leaves on a long awaited journey with his father.  Along the way, his father reveals a long kept secret that leaves him feeling angry and betrayed.

Finding himself alone in a world he knows nothing 
about, situations arise that a young boy should never have to face alone.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****

Wonderful book for adolescents 

By Sue Long


This book is set in a different time period but the message is relevant for the targeted "tweeners" of today. It offers lessons in judgement,stereotyping, and acceptance. A good, well thought out story. It leaves you wondering what this boy will do with his new found heritage.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****

Great story of a young boy entering manhood 

By Mary Kay Hannah


I enjoyed following Ben's journey and what and how he learned to survive in the wilderness. Things he was taught were some of the very things my Grandma Lyon told me when I was a young girl. Brought back some wonderful memories. Thanks, Jane!!!

Another book from Jane Ellen

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